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MAXTOP Smart Watch Compatible iPhone Android,Fitness Tracker Watches with Heart Rate Monitor,Sleep Monitor Blood Oxyen & Blood Pressure Monitor,Smartwatch for Men Women (Pink)

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Product Description

Multifunction Smart WatchMultifunction Smart Watch

Multifunction Smart Watch

This 1.4” Full-Touch screen fitness smart watch compatible iOS Android for women is your right choice. It offers 10 sports modes, phone call & message notifications, heart rate monitor / sleep tracker / blood pressure monitor / blood oxygen monitor, and many pratical tools, such as alarm clock, stopwatch, remote camera control, sedentary reminder etc. The best gift for healthy and convenient life!

! Note: 1. Please charge the watch to activate it before first use. First charge is 2 hours.

2. The side button is NOT power button, please long press the screen to turn the watch on.

Fitness Tracker WatchFitness Tracker Watch

Fitness Tracker Watch

The fitness smart watch tracks your daily movement, including steps, distance and calories. It supports 10 sport modes: Hiking, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Machines, Rowing Machines, Stair Machines. You can check the workout data during exercise after entering the sport mode. It can record your calories burned, steps, distance, pace duration and route after entering GPS running mode from the app.

!Note: Please enter your information (such as such as gender, age, height, weight) in the app to get the accurate exercise readings.

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen MonitorHeart Rate & Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Monitor

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Monitor

This activity watch can automatically monitor heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen every 10 minutes after the automatic monitoring of MAXTOP APP is turned on (The automatic blood oxygen monitor time is from 12 midnight to the next morning At 7:00 am, the heart rate and blood pressure are monitored 24 hours), which will Help you to develop a healthier lifestyle. You can view the automatically monitor data on the MAXTOP APP or manually monitor it on the watch (Notice: manual monitor data will not be saved on the APP, and automatic monitor of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen is not turned on, and no data will be displayed on the APP too)

! Note:1. For better monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, please make the watch touch well with your skin (but do not wear too tightly) and wait for seconds to get the stable readings.

2. All the above data are for reference only and cannot replace medical treatment.

Auto Sleep TrackerAuto Sleep Tracker

Auto Sleep Tracker

This multifunction watch can automatically detect your sleep quality. Analyze the deeply sleep, lightly sleep and awake time for you, you can check your sleep data on watch directly or in the MAXTOP app. It helps you better know your own sleep state and helps you establish a regular bedtime routine.

! Note: After getting up, please walk for 100-200 steps, the watch will display sleep data until it detects that you have gotten up.

Set up to 3 alarm clocks easily for everyday to wake you up. It reminds you by gentle vibration, no need to worry about disturbing people around you.

Waterproof Smart WatchWaterproof Smart Watch

Waterproof Smart Watch

With IP67 waterproof standard, you can wear it when washing hands, running in the rain, taking shower (Not for hot bath), and swimming, (Only suitable for swimming in the swimming pool for a short time, not suitable for swimming in the sea, and can’t track swimming data) so you don’t need to take it off frequently.

Stopwatch & TimerStopwatch & Timer

Make your every training or workout counted. This tools can help you track and optimize your training effect.

Sedentary ReminderSedentary Reminder

You can set up start time, end time and intervals, so you can get reminders throughout the period you set, then you can know when you have been inactive for longer periods of time and stay healthy throughout the day.

Remote CameraRemote Camera

After the watch is connected to your phone, and turning on Remote Camera control in MAXTOP APP, you just need to rotate your wrist or tap the watch face to take photos. Easy to take selfies and never miss the precious moment with your family, friends or pets.

Sleep-Friendly Night LightSleep-Friendly Night Light

This charging dock is a nice partner for bedside tables with a night light, the indicator light is soft and will not disturb your sleep.

Stopwatch & TimerStopwatch & Timer

Stopwatch & Timer

Sedentary ReminderSedentary Reminder

Sedentary Reminder

Remote CameraRemote Camera

Remote Camera

Sleep-Friendly Night LightSleep-Friendly Night Light

Sleep-Friendly Night Light

MAXTOP Samrt Watch T6—FAQ

Q—Why can’t connect my phone?

1. To connect the device at first time, to turn on phone bluetooth, connect the device on the MAXTOP APP, and allow all permissions when operating (Notice: Please don’t connect the device in the phone’s Bluetooth)

2. If you can’t connect the watch again, please first forget this device in the phone, then unbind it on MAXTOP App, check the watch screen, there a sign that show disconnected. At last connect it follow the steps 1 (This operation is for IOS phones)

Q—Why the watch can’t charge?

1.When charging, please make sure the metal contacts of the watch and of the charging dock or charging cable match well and there is a charging sign on the watch screen.

2. If you use a charging stand, please check whether the light on the base is on.

3. If the watch is turned off, it will automatically turn on when charging.

If the watch still can’t charge, please Go to Your Order, find the order ID in the list, and click’Contact with us’.

Q—When I was reading the message, the screen went off quickly?

1. To extend the screen light time, you can first turn off lowpower mode on App. (Notice: Lowpower Mode will affect the screen light time.)

2. Then setting Auto-lock on the watch to extend the screen light time.

(Notice: In order to save power, The screen will be on for around 3 seconds when the notification comes. If you want to read more, you can check it in the information of the watch)

Q—How to set the time?

After the connection is successful, the watch time will be synchronized with the phone time. (Notice: If your phone is in a 24-hour format, the watch will also display a 24-hour format)

Q—How to change metric units to imperial units?

1. Open the MAXTOP APP and connect the watch.

2. Enter MAXTOP APP personal center– Unit settings–select metric or imperial–submit.

Q—Why does the watch not light when I turn my wrist?

1. Firstly, please make sure turn on “Turn the wrist” in the MAXTOP APP and the watch at the same time.

2. The default turn the wrist period time is 8:am-10:pm, please make sure you use this function during this time.

(Warm tips: frequently turning your wrist to turn on the screen will consume a lot of power)

Q—What APP to download and how to download?

H Band or MAXTOP Choose the one you like.

H Band: You can find it by opening your phone App store and searching for “H Band”.

MAXTOP: Open the manual and scan the QR code to download the MAXTOP APP directly.

Q—How to get professional question support and after-sales service?

Go to Your Order, find the order ID in the list, and click ‘Contact with us’.

※[ 10 Sports Modes ] Multisport Smart Watch supports 10 sports modes.Accurately all-day activities like steps,distance and calorie burned. After connected,You can check your GPS Running data on MAXTOP App.That’s show run stats like pace and distance and fat burning, Duration and record a map of your workout route,Stay motivated all day!(Notice:This is not GPS watch, only when your watch connect with MAXTOP App. GPS tracking will be show on App.)
※[ Fitness Tracker Watch for Your Health ] The smart watch can track and record your real-time heart rate and blood pressure and blood oxygen, you can check the data both on the watch and the App.Turn on the Blood oxygen function on the smartwatch, you can see how much oxygen is in your blood. (Notice: not for medical purpose, all above monitoring data is only for reference.) Scientific sleep monitor helps you analyze your sleep status through recording deep sleep, light sleep and awake time.
※[ Call & Message Notifications ] Download and install Free “MAXTOP” APP on your smartphone, then bind this smartwatch in your smartphone, the watch will vibrate when you receive notifications of phone calls, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and other apps) on this touch screen watch. It will never let you miss any important things. (Warm reminder: Can’t reply message or make / answer calls.)
※[ Smart Watch for Android Phones Samsung iPhone & More Functions ] The “MAXTOP” app is suitable for iPhone and most Android phones, compatible with Android 6.0 and above or iOS 9.0 and above smartphones. This activity watch includes a bunch of new features, including: sedentary reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, Remote camera control, Find the phone,Brighness adjustment. You can set up the lock-sreen duration as your needs.
※[ IP67 Waterproof & Smart watch Battery ] IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch allows you to wear it when swimming, washing hands and on rainy days. (Notice: only suitable for short swimming, no swimming data.) With a large capacity battery, 1-2 hours of charging time, the watch can be used for 3-5 days, and the standby time is 10 days.The packge include: 1* USB magnetic charging Cable ,1* watch band , 1* manual.

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